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About Us

FastCFD Solutions Inc. is a Canadian privately-owned corporation. It provides engineering, research and technology development services by employing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool to model and analyse industrial fluid flow and thermal projects.

Our fit-in services set us apart in the industry. We translate ideas and conceptual designs into reality. This enabled our customers to virtually see and feel their ideas and concepts. In this way, clients are able to move from the drawing board to virtual reality. Not only this is a 'must-done' if one wants to be ahead of the game, but position them to be effective and efficient. FastCFD mission is to help clients achieved their objectives by pushing the boundaries of solving fluid flow and thermal problems.

The above mentioned benefits come from the expertise of our team. Please, you are invited to read our officers' profile and feel free to email us with any question.

Dr. Kofi Freeman Adane, P.Eng.

President (kfka(at)fastcfd.com)

Dr. Adane is a professional engineer with over 10 years of experience in fluid and multiphase flows and heat transfer applications with focus on computational fluid dynamics (CFD). In-depth knowledge of complex (non-Newtonian) fluids behaviour and experience in multiphase flow systems. The expertise gained in fluid dynamics and heat transfer has been ultilised in design, retrofitting and root cause analysis (RCA) of fluid systems, including heaters (heat exchangers), pipeline/hydraulic systems and combustors/kilns. Dr. Adane has worked for several companies including Suncor Energy Inc. Have hands-on industrial experience in implementation of various problem solutions and technologies, and performed and reviewed several pipeline systems packages. 

Authored and/or co-authored over 25 publications, including peer-reviewed journals, conferences, and industrial technical reports. Dr. Adane is registered professional engineer in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Dr. Eric L. Bibeau, P.Eng.

Process Engineer more